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In the early 1970s, Haida Nation members were interested in revitalizing and rediscovering Haida values, and way of life. The people living on Haida Gwaii started a camp at Rediscovery T’aalan Stl’ang camp that officially began operations in 1978, was incorporated as a Society, dissolved with an ongoing need to support healing, but continued with the support of various Haida organizational management (Board of the Haida Nation, Old Masset Village Board, etc.) due to the overwhelmingly positive benefits until 2019 when it was once again incorporated as the Rediscovery T’aalan Stl’ang Haida Gwaii Rediscovery Society (Rediscovery T’aalan Stl’ang). Rediscovery is the longest, continually running youth program on Haida Gwaii. The power of place, of Kiusta, and T’alaan Stl’aang are very strong.

Our Program  


Activities center on building holistic strength and enhancing positive self-esteem.  

Each day participants learn about forest and ocean appreciation, Haida history, and a multitude of cultural activities taught by qualified and experienced camp staff and Haida Elders.  

We offer ten-day preteen (ages 10-13) sessions and teen (ages 14-18) sessions.  We also host family camps, girl’s camps, boy’s camps, and various school/youth outreach programs from May to September.

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