Welcome to Rediscovery T'aalan Stl'ang

culture. connection. community. 

'Drawing on the strength of Haida culture and the wisdom of the elders, with a philosophy of Yah’guudang (respect) and love for each other and the Earth, Rediscovery aims to empower youth of all ages to discover the strength within themselves; the connections between cultures and the natural world.

Our Program  


Activities center on building holistic strength and enhancing positive self-esteem.  

Each day participants learn about forest and ocean appreciation, Haida history and a multitude of cultural activities taught by qualified and experienced camp staff and Haida Elders.  

We offer ten day preteen (ages 10-13) sessions and fourteen day teen (ages 14-18) sessions.  We also host family camps, girl’s camps, boy’s camp, and various school/youth outreach programs from May to September.


Haida Gwaii Map Rediscovery

Our Facilities

The Rediscovery camp is located at T’aalan Stl’aang , the Beach that has Everything, (also known as Lepas Bay); a two-mile stretch of sandy beach, unique to the West Coast of Graham Island and accessible only by boat or helicopter. Our off-grid longhouses include a cookhouse, green house, and three sleeping cabins.