Contributors and Links

The Haida Gwaii Rediscovery program has successfully operated for more than 40 years thanks to the contributions of countless volunteers, businesses and organizations. 

The Haida Gwaii Rediscovery Board would like to acknowledge and thank the Niisla Naay Healing Society in Old Massett, the Adult Day Program and Farm To Table Program for their generous contributions of healthy food for the 2021 season. 


The Council of the Haida Nation was formed in 1974 to organize citizens into one political entity.


Building a new, traditional model of child welfare for children and families in our Haida Gwaii communities.


They protect sensitive areas of high cultural significance and act as ambassadors between nations by educating visitors about Haida heritage. 


The Gwaii Trust Society owns and manages a perpetual fund for the benefit of all the people of Haida Gwaii.


Great Bear Rainforest Economic Development and Conservation Funding.